Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Trick or Treat - Richie Tankersley Cusick

A book from our beloved Point Horror series, I found this at an Op Shop and have been super excited to read it since. Halloween themed horror, yes plz. 
The house on the cover is super creepy but looks a little small compared to how the house is described in the book. 

Oh well, let's read.

Fear Street - The Confession

Back to Fear Street with this one!
I have one of the reissued versions of this book with the shiny, metallic covers (Top photo). These ones are kinda boring, all this one is is a handprint but hey I guess the original covers were outdated? Julie doesn't seem to distraught to find a dead body though, she kinda seems like she's in a musical!

This was my first ever Fear Street and I remember how amazing I thought it was and it started my obsession with these novels! I haven't read it in about 10 years so all I really remember is the basic storyline and unfortunately the ending but I won't give that away! I hope.

On with it!

The Invitation - Dianne Hoh

Again super sorry for the massive delay, I'm super lazy so I'll be uploading bulk reviews today. I've been reading more adult books lately but I'm ready to get back into the books that give me life even though they're basically the same thing over and over again! Bear with me guys.

A Dianne Hoh point horror original, The Invitation is a standalone book about what else but a party!
"RSVP or die!" Ooooh spooky!