Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Nightmare Hall #1 - The Silent Scream

Ok so this one isn't a Fear Street, but it's the first book in the Nightmare Hall series, which is very similar, written by Dianne Hoh. Instead of Shadyside, we have Nightingale Hall, nicknamed Nightmare Hall, an off campus dorm which is Salem University's answer to Fear Street.

I LOVE the covers to the Nightmare Hall series! Each one features a brick building with the window in the middle, and through the window you see an image relevant to the book. This one for example has a broken rope hanging from above viewable through the window. But that's not the best part. When you open the cover, there's another cover page featuring the whole image that you can only see a snippet of through the window. When you open this one you see a girl lying face down on the floor beneath the frayed rope, probably dead, in a spacious room with her school books scattered around her.
Aah I love it! Anyway lets read on!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Fear Street - Broken Hearts

This is a super chiller (oo00oooOoo0ooOOooooh) and it's like over 200 pages long so I'm hoping it's good. Plz God be good.

That cover tho. I'm loving the pink denim jacket this girl is rocking. U go girl. On the inside of her locker is a broken heart and threatening message... Written in blood!!!!! Just tricking I'm sure it's paint. Surely. This girl has a pretty clean locker though. Much cleaner than mine ever was. Those posters are horrible though, they need to go honey.
And the tag line is great. "Valentine's Day can be a killer!" Ugh it's so unoriginal I love it. A lot of these books have similar tag lines actually.
Anyway let's read!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Fear Street - Secret Admirer

Let's start with the cover.
I wonder how long it took our protagonist Selena to notice the message written in blood (!?) on the mirror. Or maybe it's lipstick. Maybe it's Maybelline (I hope everyone gets that). Or maybe it's just a marker. Oooooh. But literally she had time to get out a brush before she noticed the writing. Are you actually stupid Selena?! It literally could not be more obvious. Selena plz. And if you look closely, the colour of the writing matches the colour of her nails! Do I smell a personality disorder?
And the tag line! "Someone loves her to death." SOOOOO good. hahahahahaha.
Ok let's read on.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

About Me And This Blog

Hello there!
I'm a young adult year old guy from Melbourne, Australia, who's always loved the works of R.L. Stine. I literally have all of the original Goosebumps Series that I collected as a kid, but can't bear to part with. When i was about 11 I read my first Fear Street book, I think it was The Confession. It was a reissued copy from my local book store, you know the ones that have like the shiny cover with just one object in the middle? Yeah. I prefer the old school ones. Anyway I LOVED this book. As an 11 year old I didn't really know any better. It had gruesome deaths, mystery, and I had no idea who the killer was until they were revealed. I was young and innocent back then, unaware of all the cheese and other elements we make fun of in these books today. I haven't read it since I was about 13, but that's the book that started my love of Fear Street. Over the years since, I've purchased every other book in the series I could find, along with other Point Horror novels.
After reading blogs such as Shadyside Snark and Fear Street1, I've been inspired to create my own blog to criticize our beloved Fear Street books as well as other books and series that are similar. If you're anything like me you love the cheesiness, the predictability, the fashion choices, and the poor decisions of the characters in these books, and I hope you enjoy my views and comments about them.
I will aim to post regularly; I've just bought a massive batch of books to add to my already big collection so I shouldn't run out any time soon.
First up is Secret Admirer, which should be up within a few days!
Get excited. I know I am.