Monday, 16 March 2015

Fear Street - Lights Out

Journeying back to Shadyside with this next review. Nightmare Hall is good and everything but Fear Street is on a completely different level and I can't wait to read the sarcastic phrase "thrills and chills!" which seems to come up in like every fear street.

The cover to this one is so cringey I love it. Our beautiful main girl Holly is shown looking terrified as she wanders around camp late at night.
I'm so excited to read this I love horror movies and books set at camps! Let's read!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Nightmare Hall #3 - Deadly Attraction

This is the third Nightmare Hall book, unfortunately I don't have all of them yet so I'll be skipping numbers. It doesn't matter anyway, just like Fear Street it's a new bunch of characters in each book, but previous characters pop up for consistency.

Sadly the cover on the version I have isn't like the others where you open the cover to find more of the scene that you can see through the window, so all I have to go off is the chest of drawers with a broken glassed photo frame with a picture of an attractive young man inside it. Cooooooooooooool. I bet there's a dead body underneath but I guess I'll never know.
Let's read!!