Monday, 3 August 2015

Nightmare Hall #5 - The Scream Team

Back to Salem University with this next one!
Opening the cover to this one you see a cheerleader sprawled out on the floor surrounded by tufts of smoke! I love it! :')

The series also continues to have some of the fugliest names ever and I sincerely hope no one is called these in real life.

Slumber Party - Christopher Pike

Ok first let me offer my sincerest apologies for not posting in so long, I have been writing them i swear but I keep forgetting to post them! to make up for it I'll post a few this week (I hope). 

Another Christopher Pike, however the title doesn't make sense to me. The girls are on a weekend ski trip, which is hardly a slumber party. I would have called it "Ski Trip" or something a little more revealing of the plot like "Yet Another Christopher Pike Book About Revenge!" Because you know all his books so far seem to be about a group of friends harbouring a secret that comes back to haunt them.