Saturday, 23 July 2016

Twisted - R.L. Stine

An R.L. Stine original before the days of Fear Street, I'm expecting great things from this book bc I froth over anything horror that involves a group of sorority sisters. I'm frothing at the mouth already. 

Me frothing at the mouth

This one doesn't even say point horror so it must be super old! I just checked and it's from 1987. Yay 80s!
The cover is boring, it's literally just a girl looking past the viewer creepily with a dark background.
Okeh. Let's read!!

Fear Street - The Switch

ONCE AGAIN SINCERE APOLOGIES FOR NOT POSTING FOR 0949349 MONTHS, uni and work is stressful and hectic and I'm annoying. But here is the first of 2 super old reviews I never got around to posting xoxox.

Revisiting Fear Street again with this one and I gotta say the cover looks intense without actually being intense at all. A blond and a brunette wearing identical clothes hold hands and glare at the viewer while a lighting bolt strikes the middle. I've never read this book before but I'm super duper excited. I hope it's good.
I pray it's good! Pray for me guys.